28 April, 2006

Ya'll gonna learn Chinese...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well erm, translated -
leaked and unofficial, bhalr, bhalr

Naxxramas is a 40 man instace containing 18 bosses, very biig and very difficult. Guilds may require a full raid of lvl 70 players to complete

patch 1.12 is going to include The Emerald Dream containing a 5 man instance (Emerald Dream) and a 40 man instance (Eye of Yesra, like Ony's Lair, you go in kill a number of drakes maybe) and players will have to opportunity to see Yersa as an NPC that gives you the reward I think.

You must complete a class quest in emerald dream to gain access to Eye of Yesra

Undermine is going to be relased featuring a racing BG, you construct your own racer ...

and the comments call it fake

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

too bad they say its fake. actually sounds like INTERESTING content for once. :(

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL I think I made a joke once about Blizzard's lack of creativity with the BGs can suggested they make a cart racing BG.

Ironically, they did make a cart racing custom map for WCIII. :\

7:05 AM  

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