11 January, 2006

What a two-week ride!


These last two weeks have been pretty interesting for my Paladin. Odd that all of this happened during the short time I've begun to settle in the US.

#1 The Paladin changes
After one year of constant nagging it's released. Refreshing changes. I still haven't given final judgement yet though, but I can say to you that I've actually begun switching auras more now for some weird reason.

#2 Epic mount.
Get the epic mount after a long story. Can jump over the Ironforge gorge now.

#3 First epic item.
Spend DKP and obtain the Finkle's Lava Dredger. Woot! I actually manage to do some nice damage now. The spinning is awesome. I can't decide which enchant I want so I settled with the weapon chain for now.

#4 I finally get that damn helm.
Yep. I got it. I said to myself that statistically the odds were in my favor since I had done so many runs that this had to be it. I said it before we did Gandling, I said it before Gandling was about to die. And you know what? It finally dropped. Would you want some fries with that?

I'm just so relieved now. If my Paladin would ever be retired, I couldn't pick a better time for it than today. I consider my Paladin to be a "finished class", the rest is just frosting and sprinkles on the top really.


Anonymous Elderin - 60 Pally Whisperwind said...

I'm still gonna work on mine. I got 4 of the eight pieces (need boots, gloves, spaulders, and breast plate). I got the Hammer of the Scarlet Crusader and the Blackhand Doomsaw.

I'm not sure what's going on but I've become a serious DPS machine. In my last three raids, I've been near the top of the DPS meter (#3, #1, #2). It's corresponded with Patch 1.9 and me getting the Doomsaw, so I don't know what triggered what.

I don't know what this means for Elderin in MC where Paladins aren't supposed to DPS, but if we have enough healers, I can spam clease from anywhere.

Add to that the renewable judgement and vindication and it just might be "up to the front, young Paladin!"

6:46 PM  
Anonymous Vaelin said...

Only thing I'd want out of MC is an Obsidian Edged Blade or Earthshaker. I'll gladly pass on any Cleansebringer that drops.

8:30 AM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Finkle's got Fire Resist, Sta and Int as well as +mana regen. The stuff that help mana is not bad now when we have options to dump mana in to damage.

7:08 PM  

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