18 January, 2006

Three little piggies...

- The AQ gate counter has been given a facelift, much cooler now.

- Medivh is completed with the turn-ins. The rumors about waiting five days were true for the "supplies" to arrive in Silithus. It was incredibly laggy at the gate.

- This will be my Shield Hearth macro from now on (used to have the bubble boy-moops quote from Seinfeld).


Anonymous kyosei said...

Grats on being the first server to get all your resources in ;D

And recently I read that Blizzard was closing down character creation on both your server and Mannoroth (currently in second) til the AQ event was finished.

Makes me wonder if the same measures will be made on other servers when they near completion of their respective turn-ins.

My own server Ner'zhul already is starting to build up a sizable queue at peak hours as it is. I remember when it used to be a medium pop. Makes me feel old haha.

7:59 PM  

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