11 October, 2005

Additional updates

Aveena asks why we can't control combat. Fangooth replies with that the developers are working on a solution. Reintroduce Strikes, perhaps?

Personally I would like to see the entire Judgement system changed. Judgement would be called Strike. Instead of Judging someone, you Strike with the activated Seal. Instead of waiting for Seal of Command to proc, you hit Strike and dish out the damage when you want to. The longer the Seal had been activated, the more damage you get to do with the Strike (just brainstormed this one).

Cecily asks what our role is in groups. Fangtooth replies with that our role is being a support class, using our blessings and auras effectively and such. Because nobody had responded to Fang's response, I had to add the fact that -- really, when it comes down to things all classes are support classes. Tanking is support. Crowd control is support. Damage is support. You can do a Tribute run with no Warrior. You can do a tribute run with no Rogue or Mage or Warlock (probably).

And as I said, the word "support" is notoriously absent from the Class page (the only difference between us and the Shaman is that we're a melee hybrid and they being a caster hybrid). It's used once on the Paladin description page and it's in the sentence "...their auras, seals, heals and resurrection spells give them the chance to act as a support healer.".

The thing is... Is that I don't think the people who first played their Paladin really expected end-game to be the way it is. That's why there are so many Paladins who still, in end-game, spec the Retribution tree (which focuses on our weakness). There's a reason why so many Paladins never switch auras in mid-battle, bother to bless that much or heal other players. They expect the class to be a Holy Warrior, not a Holy Buffer -- but they just haven't realized it yet.


Anonymous Elderin - 60 Pally Whisperwind said...

Quite frankly, Fang is not our ally in this issue. He has said several things with have actually hurt our arguement. Earlier, when someone asked why Paladins couldn't duel wield, he said that Paladins "weren't known for thier combat abilities." Now, he says our roll is support.

This just adds fuel to the "Your Class is Fine" crowd. They take Fang's post and say "see, see, you're not supposed to be in combat. You're only support!"

Fang doesn't know the class very well. He's learning (he decided to take engineering, but won't tell us why (like we didn't already know)). He tries to make the lame arguement that he likes the randomness of SoC before dropping it.

I still think that Fang was ordered to create a Paladin despite his protestations. I haven't seen the passion that most Paladin players have (on both sides of the arguement). It's like he's doing a job.

7:53 PM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

The "not known for their combat abilities" is from the class description page on the list of bad things about the class. We're not as versatile with weaponry as Warriors.

Also consider that Fangtooth is a Blizzard official. He has to toe the line. He has to say "Your class is fine". What he *can* say is things such as "I understand your criticism", but he's in no-way going to openly criticize the class like me and you do.

It has to do with that, being a Blizzard official and a representative of your company, you obviously take the side of those who work with you.

For example when he spoke about Seal of Command. I personally hate that Seal. But Fangtooth took it for what it is and found it to be fun considering that it was designed to be random the way it is.

I won't hold it against him though. If I was a Community Manager, I'd do the same thing.

Of course Fang doesn't know the class very well. He's not 60 yet.

I think Fangtooth created the Paladin to be nice to us. I don't think he was ordered, but rather as a nice gesture to 'officially' prove that someone in Blizzard playing one, which so many Pallies complain about all the time.

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