11 October, 2005

Expansion info!

One of my guild members alerted this. And... Wooooaaaaahhhhhhh! Not that many days left, and it's about time we're starting to see more "dirt" appear as we draw closer.

Jeff Green's blog has it:
Yay! I can almost start talking about it. Yeah, sorry, that was a bit of a tease, wasn't it? Well, the issue is due out in about two weeks. Blizzard would probably rip me a new one, and, even worse, disable my WoW account, if I started leaking information here. The only other person who knows anything is my daughter, who also plays WoW and can't keep a secret. So, if you can figure out which of the millions of players she is online and hit her up, I'm sure she's spill. :)

I got to see pretty much everything---except for whatever the new race for the Alliance will be. That one they're either keeping a secret or, more quite possibly, haven't figured out themselves yet. But everything else I know. And while, like I said, I can't spill details yet, I can tell you it is *huge*--tons of new content for all levels. It definitely got me motivated to get Eggbert, my gnome warlock, up to 60 ASAP. So I have many nights of serious "work" ahead of me. Yay!

So, as soon as Blizzard gives me the okay, I will replace my desktop picture with our December cover, which pictures an awesome painting from one of the Blizzard artist's of the new Horde race. I hate being a tease (well, okay, it's a little fun), but I just can't tell ya yet. But soon!
New content for all levels (though this has been reported before) as well as new races apparently. Point five on my list looks correct, whereas 13 looks like it won't be.


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