16 July, 2005

First-hand Comicon Reports

Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe
Today at Comic Con in San Diego California.

Fangtooth was there and i ask him how was the paladin going well he said.

"Oh the paladin is getting love... oh yeah he is so getting love"

w00t buff paladin ftw...

Edit: Confirmed to be true!

You're Boring, Babe
I did get a chece to talk to one of the Blizzard employees at length at the booth, and of course Paladins came up, since that's my main, and this is what she said.

"I tried playing a Paladin, they were too slow, I couldn;t do it."

I said that I agreed.

"Pretty much everyone says Paladins are boring. If you want to have fun in WOW play a Rogue, or if you REALLY want to play a fun class, play a SHAMAN."

So basically what the Blizzard employee I talked to siad, was that she thought Paladins were boring, pretty much everyone she kows within Blizzard thinks they're boring, and that rather than waiting 6 months for a fix that may never come, or may noever adress the boring gameplay of the paladin, I should give up on the class and play a fun class, like a rogue or a shaman.


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