02 February, 2006

Soulforge Set Bonuses and General Fear

As posted by Anonymous in a comments of the sneak peak of our Soulforge set:
They have the helm up on the underdev section at Blizz. The set bonuses were the same as the screenshot yesterday, but are now different:

(2) Set: +40 Attack Power.
(5) Set: +8 All Resistances.
(6) Set: Chance on melee attack to increase your damage and healing by up to 95 for 10 sec.
(8) Set: +200 Armor

(3) Set: +50 Armor
(5) Set: Increases damage and healing by spells and effects by up to 12
(6) Set: +6 All Resistances
(7) Set: +10% chance to resist fear spells and effects
(8) Set: Chance on melee attack to increase your damage and healing by up to 140 for 10 sec

Losing the 10% fear and the +spell off the set bonuses sucks. The set's bonuses now closely mirror the Warrior's Heroism set.
Kyosei adds:
Ugh even some of the LF set bonuses are better than that.

3: Increases healing done by spells and effects by up to 11.
5: +30 Attack Power when fighting Undead.
5: +30 Attack Power when fighting Demons.
6: +6 All Resistances.
7: +10% chance to resist Fear spells and effects.
8: When the victim of a critical hit in combat, 1% chance to be sheathed in a magical shield absorbing the next 500 damage.

I think that's what they were originally shooting for by mirroring some of LF's bonuses. I guess they thought combined w/the stats I'd be too overpowering...
Heaven forbid.

Looking at the warlock's set bonus it makes me cringe. Don't locks already have a lot of fears as it is? Being chain-feared by 2 locks in pvp is disgusting.
Chain fearing sucks. I tear my hair out when I get Seduced, Feared then Death Coiled. It's completely ridiculous. The developers said that the reason why they don't want Taunt to work on player controlled characters is because they want to limit the use of skills that take away the control of people's characters in PVP. What's been given to the Warlock throughout the year? Improved god darn skills that take control of your character. Same thing for Warriors. While we shouldn't be able to complain so much since we got the ability to take the cooldown of Hammer of Justice down to 45 seconds as well as the diminishing returns not hampering Seal of Justice the whole issue is still damn crappy -- and stupid.

As for the Soulforge Set bonuses, it's sad to see that the fear resist is taken away. The +200 armor bonus is a complete joke though. It's probably the crappiest set bonus out of all set bonuses I've seen. The fact that *all* classes's 8 piece set bonus is the same doesn't please. It's still damn crappy -- and stupid.

(I'm in a grumpy mood today!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hej Niklasgubben. Vilken intressant blogg du skriver!

3:07 AM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

lololol :D

3:46 AM  
Blogger L'Emmerdeur said...

Bork bork? (I couldn't resist)

If the only set bonuses are the +Attack and +Resist, this just means you can identify 3 pieces of Soullessforge that suck and not upgrade them to retain the +11 spell from LF.

I compare the set bonuses my mage gets (and I just got interested in this issue, as I just went on my first UBRS run at 56 and got my Magister's Robes), and realize just how much the devs like to use pallies as punching bags.

On another note, here's an idea: why not make armor available through talent tress? Protection gets you plate (like a warrior), Retribution gets you Mail or Leather (like a shammy or rogue), Holy gets you Cloth or Leather only (like a squishie or rogue). Then you can choose to tank and have medium dps, have high dps but very reduced survivability, or low survivability but great healing.

Better idea: pally gear could convert between the three (like a combination of the priest epic staff Benediction/Anathema, and the druid forms), so you could choose your role based on the needs of the group.

Need a healer? Press a button, and your LF/SF converts to cloth, with +healing/spell/Spirit/Int. DPS? Convert to leather, with +Agi/Str/melee bonuses. Tank? Convert to plate, with +Str/Stam/Armor/Def. We are already a hugely gear-dependent class, make the gear work for us without overpowering us.

The talents could make it so that you are really really good in one of the three roles, but due to the gear convertibility, you can be pretty decent in the other two roles (which was the original intention).

Finally, to end the whole "that's warrior plate, not pally plate" bullshit, you could have the warrior and pally sets be the same set, but for warriors, it stays in one form (not convertible to non-plate, as if the pallys have a special ability to magically transform the plate into its other forms - you could even create a quest line for the pally to acquire this ability). Increase the drop rate, and you make most people happy.

4:44 PM  
Blogger L'Emmerdeur said...

Maybe I should post this on the pally forum...

5:10 PM  
Anonymous kyosei said...

Haha. Ingenious.

Maybe the same thing could be done for weapons. Because, as everyone knows, a paladin apparently has no right to wield anything as some other class could "always" make better use of it than a paladin ever could.

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Vaelin said...

Paladins belong in plate - always have, and always will as part of the lore. If anything, for the same reason, Shamans need to be restricted to leather. We just need to face the fact that Blizzard had no intention of making our large scale raiding role anything more than a cleanse/heal/buffbot. I'm definitely pissed about losing the fear resistance, but think that Soulforge will be an all-around well balanced set otherwise. Certainly, it appears that it will be better than Cleansebringer for PvP and soloing. I'm just hoping it won't be as difficult to obtain as the epic UBRS pieces (i.e. Breastplate of the Chromatic Flight).

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you want to bet our set upgrades will involve obtaining something like x number of Righteous Orbs and y number of Arcanite bars.

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Gerbodis said...

IMO yeah the set bonus arnt uber, but the stats dominate My marshal stats, and the fact being the bonuses arn't everything makes it better becuase I can mix and match pieces of SF, with the FM gear.

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Vaelin said...

I was originally as peeved about the 8 piece set bonus as you were, until I noticed that it's the same for all 3 of the pieces shown (Warrior, Paladin, Warlock). This makes me think that it's just a placeholder for now. A 200 armor bonus would be great for a cloth wearer, but a drop in the bucket for a plate wearer. It just wouldn't make sense.

11:09 AM  

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