01 February, 2006

Three bites

Ugh. The location for the Lightforge gloves is a true disaster. It's disgusting really where they are right now. I've done Emperor probably hundreds of times and only seen them drop once (and lose). It just makes me more frustrated when it's the only piece I need to complete my Lightforge Set. I really want to do it before 1.10 -- you know, just to enjoy the fact (and gloat) that I have the entire set.

In other words, you EU people have already seen this thread, but you guys in the US should as well. You won't find any more comprehensive guide to what's going to be included in 1.10 and the Expansion than that. It's a pretty darn interesting read and very resourceful. Awesome job by Schwick keeping it all together.

Feels great to blow away the dust from this blog a bit. I've had a pretty steep downfall in visitors -- and I can't blame you. It's really hard to find something to write about, as well as the fact that I'm very busy with having to adjust myself from slacker-mode to study-mode in real life.


Blogger Bazra said...

I was extremely lucky and got the Lightforge gloves on my first run, almost no one wants to do an Emperor run. It's really hard to get a group together to do this run, one suggestion is to do a combination MC attunement and Emperor run in order to get more people interested. I completed my full set of Lightforge recently and I am excited to see the upcoming armor set. It is very rare to see someone with a full set. I hope the drop for these gloves are adjusted in 1.10 to make it easier to get.

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't stand BRD at all. People in the guild asking for Jailbreak help makes me cringe because it always goes from Jailbreak to "Hey while we are here...." and four hours later you have some burning essances, did an Emp run, gotten someone the key and you still haven't done Jailbreak. I think BRD should have gotten the DM treatment.

6:17 PM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Grats Bazra on your gloves. Yeah, the actual notion of having collected the entire set is quite rare, and people are impressed by it as well. The set looks darn cool when all pieces are together as well. I'm not really collecting it cause I want those actual pieces, but rather cause I obviously just want to look kick-ass :)

Anonymous, you're completely right. I actually read this once during an interview on how they designed a couple of dungeons. They realized that BRD simply got too big; it was completely unnecessary that the end of the dungeon was designed for level 60's whereas the beginning was designed for 54-56's. Having to fight your way through mobs that are so much lower level than you just to get to the place you actually want to be is something they've kept in mind. I think when they designed Maraudon they thought of this, and the prime example would be Dire Maul.

Yeah, I've been in BRD so many times when people go "Can't we do Coffer?" and "Shadowforge key? PLZ?" which is why when I begin a BRD run I say to the group that we're doing what we came for and we're not going to do anything else unless it's in the same side (west vs east).

6:56 PM  
Anonymous kyosei said...

Ugh, yes I think that's part of the reason why I hate BRD runs too. One run it took like 3+ hours because we did the whole Jailbreak chain starting from the letter drop first. Killed the 2 bosses needed for the quest drops, did emp, and then finished up the run by doing Jailbreak.

Such a tiring run haha. The most ironic thing was the LF gloves dropped that run. However, we had no paladin as I was on my druid at the time (I had already done Jailbreak on the pally) and the warrior in our group ended up getting them. Argh.

Yes, LF gloves being moved to somewhere else would be nice to just get to complete the set easier. Though the I don't mind the +crit gloves I have now for pvp purposes.

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the fact that it takes so many times to run an instance to get your set pieces is rediculous...and also the reason I don't play my paladin anymore.

Seeing how we now know that there will be a quest chain to get a full set of gear in 1.10, it is better time spent to simply role alts and get them to 60 rather than try to get the tier 0 set.

I have been working on alts since the information about the expansion came out. I simply refuse to do the same instances over and over just to get gear pieces. Also, the fact that we are losing a tremendous amount of exp while doing these instaces over and over that could otherwise go towards hitting lvl 70 keeps me from being able to justify doing it. Not to mention, it is a complete bore and waste of time 99.9% of the time.

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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