08 October, 2005

Phriday *delayed* update

Basically only two things I play games on anymore: My Powerbook with WoW and my Nintendo DS. Nintendogs arrived in the mail yesterday. I ordered it just because I thought'd it be fun to play this new game since I heard alot of good stuff regarding it. And I didn't know that much about it beforehand either except that you could record voice commands and learn them tricks.

I found the game more scary than awesome: what's the need for a dog when you've got it simulated? You only need to take care of it when you feel like to. You don't have to spend any money on it. You don't have to clean up the crap it does. It never grows up -- hence forever keeps its "innocence".

Oh, and when I was going to record the voice command for the dogs name, my brother kept messing it up by yelling "Hitler!"

Nevermind, here's the good stuff:

Fangtooth likes Engineering for his Paladin. Who doesn't? Some people say it's even mandatory if you want to do stuff. Personally I'm no Engineer, but sometimes I wish I was.

Tseric is awesome. First time I've ever seen a CM answer to the issue of the blessing length without defending it of some sorts (such as "The five minute length is good for PVP when you need to rebless in the heat of battle", etc). I'm really glad that the developers are aware of the absolutely ludicrous situation of reblessing an entire raid every dang five minutes. It's nuts. It's not fun. It's a chore. And it's super-boring.

Battle.net is open with a new design! The old designed dated back several years. This new one is -- very advanced.

As I was typing this, someone mysterious contacted me on ICQ again. It was the same person who sent me weird smiley messages to me a couple of days back. A search on his ICQ number on Google found it to be connected to WoW. He asked me "Want PL service?". I responded back with "What's PL service?". He answered "Power leveling service". So naturally I said "No thanks".

I had no idea they would go to the extent to privately contact you over an IM-service just to smooch money off of you. Interesting nevertheless to see how organized these guys are and what tools they use. I mean, I've encountered spam and messages on fan boards, but this is really it at a new level.


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