04 October, 2005

Blue maniac!

Consecration is really two spells:
The first part's the holy light-envigorated cloud of methane which emits from the lower part your body. This cloud is of such foul stench that it causes a large amount of aggro, thus is a requirement for the tanking Paladin.
The second part's the burning cracks on the ground which come pass due to the methane being heated up by the holy light. These fissures damage you over time on a dedicated area.
In other words, Consecration both an AoE spell (Area of Effect) and a DoT spell (Damage over Time).

Bredo asks why every single AoE spell interrupts flag catching in Arathi Basin, except Consecrate. Fangtooth replies with a question wondering if there are any DoT's that interrupt -- making a good point. I don't have have the spell, so I'm not sure if the cloud part of it interrupts the flag capturer. Anyone knows who uses it?

Esandarius was brave enough to ask if our Seal-system was going to be looked at as well. Fang answers with that he doesn't know -- but if he gets more info on it, he'll tell us.

Dodin asks if Fang's got a new update on his Pally. He replies:
I did not get a lot of play time this weekend, but I did get a few good uses out of my Seal of Command. Soloing in Duskwood is so much fun as a Paladin! Those undead monsters do not stand a chance against the Light, especially when a Paladin representing the Light is wielding Verigan's Fist!

After a while, I went to help my friend in Arathi Highlands, and then to the Southshore area. We got caught in a cave, pinned between the Yetis and the Horde. A few distress calls were sent out, reinforcements appeared on both sides, and a battle broke loose. We won (I think), and I got a few kills. It was great!
After a ton of replies saying that it's not going to be fun after level 40 he says:
Since I see this comment pop up every time I post, I know that Paladins "stop becoming fun" after level 40. This weekend, I had other obligations, so that is why my play time was not very long.

I enjoy using Seal of Command. I honestly do like the randomness of the proc. I have not gotten higher than rank 1 of it so far, so I cannot comment on the usefulness of judging it at higher levels, but it is something I am going to be looking for.
After people questioning his opinion regarding the randomness of Seal of Command (!):
I understand that the proc is a chance on hit, and not supposed to happen every time. Because of that understanding I am able to enjoy the skill for what it is.
Replying to a (quite) negative post by Ironeye who said that he should admit Paladins "blow" and should "get back to his Shaman or Rogue":
Ironeye, I do not have a Shaman or a Rogue character. I have a Priest, Paladin, Warrior, and Druid. My Priest is 60, my Warrior is in his 30s, and the other two are in their 20s. The only one I am currently playing, is my Paladin.
Two thoughts:
1. Seal of Command's randomness isn't fun, I absolutely detest that Seal. Unfortunately it's the only one worth using if you want to do damage. Fortunately I get enough Honor Points by just healing and Cleansing in Arathi Basin as a Pally who would spec with a two-hander and try to kill.
2. I'm still amazed Fangtooth still cares about the Paladin community after so many negative comments.

Ironeye asks Fang's motive for playing a Pally (his second blue reply!). Fang responds with that he's playing one for his own reasons, that he used to have one in beta and that there are many at Blizzard who still play their Pallies even though they've been at level 60 for a long time, even outside of work. He also says only a few Blizzard employees are able to post as "blue" on the boards.

Erith asks what's best: Sanctified Orb or Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom. Fang gives the tips that Sanctified Orb is awesome when you group with a Balance or Feral specced Druid.


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