02 October, 2005

What to do when you're (not) playing your Paladin

Interesting thread started by Vinco, asking what we've done during runs (and just playing) with our Paladin. While playing I've...

- Watched TV, which is pretty common.
- Surfed the web: chatting on forums, browsing around on websites.
- Prepared for dinner, such as scrubbing potatoes, cooking, slicing vegetables and barbecuing.
- Remote controlled my Paladin by letting my brother sit by the computer and telling him what to do over the cellphone.
- Taken a crap in the bathroom (this is accomplished thanks to that I have a portable computer and a wireless internet connection).

The best part is that nobody has ever noticed. I was initially afraid to tell about this since my guild membership and server reputation is at stake (!). But I thought -- eh, whattheheck... I'm not the first one to do it, all I am is being honest about it.


Anonymous Jill said...

That's funny, because when I am on an MC raid, I buff, cleanse, and heal my butt off. And because I don't raid more than once a week (parent and writer) I get awarded bupkus.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous kyosei said...

Heh ya I'd watch T.V. or browse websites while grinding my pally. Sometimes watch vids on my comp over my grinding haha.

It's kinda the same for my druid(s), but the next patch is going to change that quite nicely ;)

2:46 AM  

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