24 September, 2005

Druid talent changes, and what's coming for us

You guys've already probably seen or heard about the new Druid talent changes. Pretty sweet, eh? I can't believe how good and perfect they are. I can't even decide whether to spec Feral or Balance, with my now level 59 Druid.

It really makes you wonder how good the talent changes to the Paladin is going to be. Because for example, these changes not only buffed all three trees, they also changed some abilities such as shortening the cooldown of Tranquility and making Hurricane a spell everyone can buy from a trainer.

So when CM's say the upcoming Paladin changes are limited to talents only take it with a grain of salt. Spells, abilities and talents all go together. When they change one, they'll eventually have to change another.

I also have a gut feeling that we're getting our healing abilities severely toned down so that they're quite limited (adding cooldowns to our heals, etc), and as a result the Holy-tree won't become the Healing-tree, but rather the Caster-tree. Hammer of Wrath is classified as a Holy spell is really a tip for this. I.e. the reason why HoW is not Retribution isn't because it does damage, but because it's a ranged spell.


Anonymous Vaelin said...

What gives you the feeling our healing will be nerfed? From what I understood of the little official response we got back from the developers, they're actually going to examine and possibly move in the direction of making the trees more specialized in the way of Holy/healing, Prot/tanking, and Ret/damage.

I've never liked the slightly different caster, tank, fighter dichotomy. If our healing were nerfed, it must be augmented with more damage.

Personally, our 1.9 changes are make or break for me. I have a 45 hunter, but it's just not the same. If the Paladin changes suck, I'll always have that in the back of my mind - that I can't go back to my first and favorite class. Plus I'm already sick of doing the same quests I played through as a Paladin. If they screw this up, I'm done with WoW.

7:42 PM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Our healing power has to be sacrificed in order to give us increased versatility.

The main difference between Druids and Shamans/Paladins is that we're "Catch 'em All"-classes (though many would argue that we're currently "Catch None All"), whereas Druids are "Catch 'em all, but only one at a time".

I don't think it was ever intended for us to be able to act as main healers in the first place. We've got Plate armor. We've got our bubble. Our heals are extremely low aggro. We're supposed to be Holy Warriors. A melee oriented hybrid.

While it's true the developer response was that they wanted our trees to be more specialized in the form of Healing/Tanking/Damage, I heard from an interesting source that they're planning on giving Holy Light a 20 second cooldown with an instant cast for example (this person knows trivia most people would not know about the game, which I've also fact checked and found to be true). Not going to post about it though since I don't post rumors anymore.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous coin said...

I would be interested in making the trees more specialized, perhaps even making a plate a talent. If people specced for wearing plate then it would mean they couldn't spec improved healing skills, but if people specced healing then we could only wear mail but have greatly improved restorative skills. Of course this would never happen as the amount of work to change this much stuff is massive.

7:11 PM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Coin, yeah. I've been thinking about that myself. Maybe Divine Wisdom could give you +x% increased mana, but a -x% in armor. It'd make things awfully complicated though.

11:16 PM  

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