15 September, 2005

Tough luck, guys.

The Under Development page has been updated. It includes more Silithus content, the four new raid dragons (which probably will be stationed at the four portals to the Emerald Dream), Hallow's End event (Halloween), High Level Items and Druid Talent Improvement. Notice anything missing?

Further down it says under "Additional Talent Improvements" which includes Paladins, but it's under the category of what's in the works for "...upcoming patches".

As many people would say... "gg"

Did I really expect anything else, really? Considering:
1. Community Managers constantly insisting that Paladins are scheduled but might get pushed back.
2. The class developers were on vacation.
3. They were still gathering data from players.

Oh well, at least my Druid (now level 58) will be much more fun to play in the upcoming patch.


Anonymous Randall Mathews said...

I think you won't see any shocked faces on the paladin boards, only a few bewildered looks because blizz thanks druids are more broken than we are. Oh and BTW this address is now my sig on wow boards. Viva La Resitance

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Druids are fine, they can be main healers at least. I can only imagine how much fat caydiems class is going to get. Maybe they can go into caydiem form and eat corpses

1:10 AM  

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