20 September, 2005

Paladin is the best battleground class in the game

Paladin = Best class at dragging out fights, due to our excellent survivability.

Alliance in Battlegrounds = Loses most battles by far. And by far, I really mean, by far.

Horde Objective in Battlegrounds = Win.

Alliance Objective in Battlegrounds = Not making Horde win.


Alliance = Drag out the battleground fight for as long as possible

Paladin = Best Battleground class in the game.


Anonymous Elderin - 60 Pally Whisperwind said...

I am not convinced that this is a significant advantage to turn the tide in Battlegrounds. The Paladin's survivability is based on three factors. First, the ability to shield. Second, the ability to heal. Third, the Paladin doesn't get attacked as much because it is not a significant threat.

However, if a Paladin comes under an intense attack, it's survivability is only 12 seconds longer than everyone elses. A Warrior's 10% mitigation is very close to the 12 second shield, especially when you consider that Warriors will have better armor level than a Paladin.

Self healing is not a significant advantage since every class (except the Paladin class, oddly enough) has a method to halt spell casting. Lay hands will provide some assistance, but the overall advantage is minimal (especially since, in a group situation, you probably already used it on a healer, warrior, or caster.

This goes back to the idea that a Paladin is a "defensive hybrid" or a "defensive specialist." If you look at the class, really it is not. It cannot provide significant magic resisance, the armor is no better than a warrior's (and may be worse), he doesn't have the ability to stop casters (other than HoJ once a minute), his ability to stop runners is nearly non-existant, and class doesn't have the other defensive abilities that the warrior or rogue have.

Essentially, the Paladin is a "defensive specialist" because he can shield and heal.

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