17 September, 2005

I'm stupid... And our nightmare's been confirmed

I forgot to link to this one from four days ago... Very important: Fang says that Hammer of Wrath is just one addition for perhaps more upcoming ones. He's going to tell us more when he gets more info.

And... Sad to say guys, it's confirmed. Paladin changes aren't coming in 1.8:


Anonymous Vaelin said...

Meh, now that it's been confirmed I'm cool with it. Just means we:
1) Won't have to share a patch with anyone else.
2) Blizzard now has no excuse not to do a proper job with the Paladin class.
Druids were originally supposed to make 1.7 with the whole of their changes. They were patient, as we should be. Just be thankful we got a great freebie addon spell and lost nothing in the process.

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:02 AM  

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