09 August, 2005

Interviewing "What Fangtooth doesn't want you to know"

Remember the Blizzard-meeting video that was all the rave a couple of weeks ago? I wrote about it here. You can view the original thread here. Then you can finally download it here. (requires Windows Media Player)

I managed to ask the author a couple of questions... However, it wasn't Ryucha who made it, rather it was Azeran (there's a long story behind it he told me):

Is this movie an act of a displeased Paladin player, or is it simply made to poke fun at people?

I am quite displeased with the Paladin but I'm waiting for the new changes. Hopefully they will improve the class. I didn't make the movie to poke fun at anyone specifically, just put a funny spin on things that really happened.

How did you come up with the idea to do something like this -- subtitling a hindu movie, in the first place?

I remember from my Starwars: Galaxies days a site called Fanta Shokata that allowed you to put subtitles into movies . I looked that site up but they have taken it down. So I searched for Bollywood movies since they are usually good quality and don't have subtitles already. Sarkar was the best one I found that didn't contain singing.

What's with the "Sahara" text that's garbled all over the footage?

I honestly don't know. I found the movie with them on it. I could speculate but I could be incriminating myself ;)

How did you feel about the feedback you got after you released it? Front page on the community site, Eyonix referring to it as a jest...

I was very pleased by all the feedback I have received, I really wasn't sure if everyone would like it. I think it was great that both Fangtooth and Eyonix took the time to watch it and thought it was funny.

Your Thottbot character profile is out of date... Are you a two-hander or one-hander?

I've tried several builds/talent specs. For a while I was full ret spec with an Arcanite Reaper, I got to rank Knight in the first couple weeks with this build. I don't pvp much anymore so I'm mostly holy spec now for MC, with a nice 1-hand and shield.

As said by "Fangtooth" in your video, is it really your opinion that our DPS is fine?

In the movie all of what the characters say are based on actual statements and events from the forums. I've always gotten the idea that Blizzard has thought that the Paladin dps was fine. From personal experience a Paladin with the right build can generate some decent burst damage. The only problem I see is that it is all luck based. We just need more control and maybe a boost to dps but it's hard to be truly objective in this regard.

Any plans for a sequel, or do you feel like you can't top yourself?

I have been working on some new material for a couple new movies. It's still too early to give any details but I'll let you know when I am going to release something.

Thanks for taking the time to interview me and good luck with the site, it looks good so far.

Thanks Azeran!


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