07 August, 2005

Mentioned by the media

Caydiem talks about class representation:
...we're not class representatives. We do take your concerns to the developers, and when we get an answer we can share with you, we do share it. A lot of times we can't for a variety of reasons. Now, there are times -- such as the Paladin meeting that just recently occurred -- when we have an intensive meeting about one class in particular, and then precisely what you describe is what we endeavor to produce.
Eyonix tells the priority of the class tree redesigns: (thanks Zerdesht!)
All class talents (which haven't already) will be receiving improvements, however, Rogue talents are further down the line than most. The next two are Druids and Paladins seeing as they currently need the most attention.
Edit: Improvements might come in patch 1.8, considering the fact that the Druid talent changes were pushed back from 1.7.


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