23 August, 2006

The "Secret Chat Log"

Update: The entire chat log is published in the comments below.

Anyways, there's a chat log that spills some info about new spells and abilities from the Burning Crusade. It's going around pretty much everywhere, so it's not that hard to find. And if it's true, then the guy is in deep trouble for leaking it. Blizzard will most definetly track him down and do something that's considerably worse than slapping his wrists. Maybe something involving punishment of father's employment at Blizzard.

I know I hate posting rumors, but here it is anyways...far too long to post in its entirity, so I just picked the juicy parts regarding Paladins. Also, make notice that...interesting enough, Savior's Blessing - our tank blessing, is conspicuously absent:
[22:48] : paladins get some weird stuff
Okay, that doesn't sound good...
[[22:48] : 10% of all healing done to them by other people is given to them as mana
That's..odd. Spell or talent? Who would heal a Paladin anyway...?
[[22:48] : I would assume to help tanking
...alright, I concede. Sounds like good stuff.
[[22:48] : blessing of spell warding, makes the target immune to magical attacks but they're silenced
Sounds a bit like a reverse-Banish. White melee damage for the lose...
[[22:49] : crusader aura, increases mounted speed of all party members within 40 yards by 20%
Yawn... Next.
[[22:50] : seal of blood, all the paladin attacks do an additional 30% weapon damage as holy damage, but paladin loses 10% health of the total damage inflicted
Probably the unique spell that only the Blood Knights will get.
[[22:51] : and Avenging Wrath, which is pretty much just Deathwish
Grats, Retnoobs!

Kinda feel a bit sad comparing these things versus what Mages get...according to the chat logs they got Water Elemental, Slow and Invisibility.


Anonymous Leord said...

For people who isnt spending the same amount of time on forums as yourself, could you give a fewexamples of links to the "Secret Chat Log"? =)

10:21 PM  
Anonymous Ghmou, 60 Pally, Darkspear said...

Some of that is pretty cool.

The mounted speed thing is neat, but... eh. Limited use. Cool for getting places, and rushing the flag in WSG.

I hope, hope hope that Seal of Blood isn't just for BE's... if so, I will be PISSED.

30% of weapon damage as Holy damage... so it SCALES WITH GEAR. If Alliance Pallies don't get this, or get something stupid that heals allies or something lame like that... GRR. What the heck. Anyway, this is kinda a rip from Diablo II's Sacrifice, which is a great ability anyway.

For example: I use the Herald of Woe. Assuming that it's just adding damage based on the damage the weapon does, that's

59.7- 100 holy damage on top, which isn't even as good as SoR with a little +spelldamage.

But if it's TOTAL damage dealt... that's practically imbalanced. Ok, maybe not.

Say I have 946 AP (which I do).
I deal roughly 140 DPS with autoattack.
I will deal an additional 42.3 DPS with Seal of Blood... pretty sexy, but not exactly on par with SoC, considering the value of burst damage in PvP.

However, coupled with the idea of that "paladin regain mana equal to 10% of healing cast at them", this could put out some decent holy damage (for righteous fury), since the loss of Hps will mean more healing is necessary. It both prompts people to heal them even more, which gives them even MORE mana.

I deal about +120 holy damage with JotC and SoR with my HoWoe, which is only 31.5 holy DPS. Could "Seal of Blood" be our new tanking seal?


Interesting. Links, puhlease!

10:31 PM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...


State of the current testing:
[23:18] : limited to blood elf 1-20 right now
[23:18] : to test the starting area
[23:18] : in like 2 weeks it'll be draenei 1-20
[23:18] : then like 2 weeks after that it'll be everything 60-70

Post-60 Spells:
[17:24] : Looking at new mage spells
[17:25] : you're getting invisibility :P
[17:25] : level 68
[17:25] me: what's the catch?
[17:25] : can only see other invisible targets and people who can see invisible targets
[17:25] : lasts 20 secs, 5 min cooldown
[17:26] : seems like an escape ability mostly
[17:26] me: what else?
[17:26] : arcane blast
[17:26] : this is interesting
[17:26] : rank 1 is at level 64, dunno if there's more ranks
[17:26] : starts out as a 2.5 sec cast, 190 mana cost
[17:26] : does 463 to 537 arcane damage
[17:26] : but
[17:27] : each time you cast it
[17:27] : within 8 seconds of each other
[17:27] : the cast time goes down and the mana cost goes up
[17:27] me: cool
[17:27] : and at level 70
[17:27] : you get spellsteal
[17:27] : instant cast, 52 mana cost
[17:27] : Steals a beneficial magic effect from the target. This effect lasts a maximum of 2 min.
[17:28] me: sweet
[17:28] me: work in pve?
[17:28] : dunno
[17:28] : but imagine stealing like
[17:28] : Blessing of Freedom :P
[17:28] me: does it dispell them of the buff?
[17:28] : dunno, I assume so
[17:29] : looks like the AQ20 ranks are trainable at level 62
[17:29] me: well of course
[17:29] me: only makes sense
[17:29] : yea
[17:29] : well it means you can still get them early
[17:29] : but not much point
[17:29] me: yeah
[17:29] me: do you see this in patchnotes or something?
[17:30] : no I'm looking at it at the mage trainer :P
[17:29] : ooh
[17:29] : molten armor
[17:29] : level 62
[17:30] : causes 60 to 90 fire damage when hit and reduces the chance you are critically hit by melee attacks and spells by 10%
[17:32] : ice lance
[17:32] : level 66
[17:32] : 1.5 sec cast, 150 mana
[17:32] : deals 219 to 281 frost damage to an enemy target. Damage is increased by 200% against frozen targets.

[23:27] : first of all, the new talents start right alongside the current 31-point talents
[23:28] me: yeah?
[23:28] me: you allowed to get 21/31 talents etc?
[23:28] : so the first ones are all in the same tier as like arcane power
[23:28] : it looks like you'll be able to do that yeah

[23:28] : arcane talents
[00:58] : tier 5
[00:58] : improved blink: reduces mana cost of blink by 25/50%
[00:58] : tier 6:
[00:58] : arcane potency: increases the critical strike damage bonus of your Arcane spells by 33/66/100%
[23:28] : tier 7
[23:28] : student of magic: reduces the mana cost of all arcane spells by 5/10/15%
[23:29] : prismatic cloak: reduces all damage taken by 1/2/3/4/5%
[23:29] : tier 8
[23:29] : mind mastery: increases spell damage by up to 5/10/15/20/25% of your total intellect O_O
[23:30] : tier 9 (41-point): Slow: reduces targets movement speed by 50% and attack/casting speed by 20% for 15 sec
[23:37] : 20sec cooldown on that btw
[23:37] : now that I look at slow
[23:38] : it only costs 68 mana, is instant cast, and has no cooldown

[23:30] : fire talents
[00:59] : tier 5
[00:59] : Playing with Fire: Increases all spell damage caused by 1/2/3% and all spell damage taken by 2/4/6%
[01:00] : tier 6 for fire is badass:
[01:01] : Blazing Speed: Gives you a 5/10% chance when hit by a melee or ranged attack to increase your movement speed by 50% and make you immune to movement impairing effects. This effect lasts 8 seconds.
[23:30] : tier 7
[23:31] : Burnout: increases the damage and mana cost of all spells by (I'm guessing) 2/4/6% after you hit a Dazed opponent with a Fire spell
[23:32] : Molten Blood: Increases your chance to resist Bleed and Poison effects and effectiveness of Molten Armor by 6/12/18/24/30%
[23:32] : Kinda weird
[23:32] : Tier 8
[23:32] : Empowered Fireball: Your Fireball spell gains an additional 2/4/6/8/10% of your bonus spell damage effects
[23:32] : Tier 9: Dragon's Breath: Targets in a cone in front of the caster take 278 to 322 fire damage and are disoriented for 3 sec

[23:33] : Frost talents
[01:02] : Tier 5:
[01:02] : Frozen Core: Reduces the damage taken by Frost and Fire effects by 2/4/6%
[01:02] : Tier 6:
[01:03] : Ice Floes: Reduces the cooldown of your Cone of Cold, Cold Snap, Ice Barrier and Ice Block spells by 10/20%
[23:33] : Tier 7
[23:34] : Cold Hearted: Increases damage of all spells against wounded targets by 10/20/30%
[23:34] : I have no idea what a wounded target is
[23:34] me: <20%, mage execute lol?
[23:34] : Ahh nice
[23:34] : Arctic Winds: Reduces the chance melee and ranged attacks will hit you by 1/2/3/4/5%
[23:34] : Tier 8
[23:34] : Empowered Frostbolt - identical to empowered fireball
[23:35] me: ah
[23:35] : Tier 9: Summon Water Elemental, summons a water elemental to fight for the caster, that's all it says =(
[23:35] me: badass
[23:35] me: anything else?
[23:35] : not that I can tell

[21:36] : looking at new warlock spells
[21:36] : Soulshatter (66): Reduces threat by 30% for all enemies. (2 health, Soul Shard, 5 min. cooldown.)
[21:37] : lol ok
[21:47] : Locks getting two new dots... one that does 310 dmg +gear if it gets dispelled, one that does 1110-1290 damage in a 15 yard aoe if it isn't dispelled
[22:12] : Incinerate (64): Deals 357 to 413 Fire damage to your target and an additional 89 to 104 Fire damage if the target is affected by an Immolate spell. (256 mana, 2.5s.)

[22:43] : they get an ability called Deadly Throw
[22:43] : which is basically an eviscerate, except it's ranged and does thrown damage + an amount
[22:44] : 5-point DT is thrown damage + 468-564
[22:44] : Mutilate, 60 energy, daggers, instantly attacks with both weapons and gives 2 combo points
[22:45] : Shiv, instant off-hand attack that gives a 100% chance for the offhand poison to be applied, energy cost depends on weapon speed
[22:45] : anasthetic poison, 30% chance of reducing threat by a moderate amount, 120 charges

[22:48] : paladins get some weird stuff
[22:48] : 10% of all healing done to them by other people is given to them as mana
[22:48] : I would assume to help tanking
[22:48] : blessing of spell warding, makes the target immune to magical attacks but they're silenced
[22:49] : crusader aura, increases mounted speed of all party members within 40 yards by 20%
[22:50] : seal of blood, all the paladin attacks do an additional 30% weapon damage as holy damage, but paladin loses 10% health of the total damage inflicted
[22:51] : and Avenging Wrath, which is pretty much just Deathwish

EXTRA sh*t:
[23:40] : oh btw there's this totally sick herb in the BE starting area
[23:40] : called bloodthistle
[23:40] me: yeah?
[23:40] : it increases your spell damage and healing by a small amount for 10 minutes
[23:40] : but
[23:40] : when it wears off
[23:40] me: the herb does this?
[23:40] : yeah
[23:40] : but when it wears off you get a 15 min debuff called "bloodthistle withdrawal" that reduces your spirit by 5 :P
[23:40] : BE's = potheads

[23:54] me: how's the zone look?
[23:55] : badass
[00:00] : umm... the blood elf male ears bounce in even more annoying a way than the night elf
[00:00] : and they have three basic types of hairstyle
[00:00] : you can be Elrond
[00:00] : you can be Legolas
[00:00] : or you can be OMGDRAGONBALLZSUPERKONNICHIWASAN ^_______________^;;;;
[00:01] : (I picked Elrond)

[00:18] : also the blood elf dance is 100x more ridiculous in person
[00:19] me: napoleon dynomite?
[00:19] : yeah
[00:19] : it's awesome

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its not over yet, even if this is true, we still would have 4 more spells/talents yet.

1. Taunt buff
2. Spell Ward
3. Cursader Aura
4. Seal of Blood
5. Avenging Wrath
6. MP+ thingo

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that the Pally info was only skill upgrades. The mage info was the only class to include all the talent info. So expect much more good stuff when we see the actual talents!

That said, some of the skills sound "interesting". I can definitely see some pretty unique raid encounters with some unique rolls for Paladins to play.

9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

out of curiosity could you maybe interveiw him again and find out the warlock talent tree :P i would love you forever :)

1:52 AM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Appearantly the stuff came from here. Here's the Warlock stuff (page 7 on the link above):




2:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can u please ask for the hunter or priest talents i would love u if u did

11:22 PM  

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