22 August, 2006

The "Bubble" Explained

Something to ponder while downloading your patch...

The "Bubble" is technically an Electroluminous Chronodesynchronous Modified (ECM) Phase-shift Barrier. It's inner workings are far too complex to explain here, but in quasi-laymen's terms the field it erects works like a basic diode circuit - allowing flow of energy and matter in only one direction. Because it is generated and sustained from within, it is not susceptable to the usual gamut of countermeasures such as those crudely referred to as "Purge" and "Dispel Magic" in the common tongue.

The reason for the attack speed decrease lies in the "modified" part of its name. The ECM phase-shift barrier is an upgraded version of the EC phase-shift barrier commonly referred to as Divine Protection - in which no melee combat is possible. Improvements to the EC allow the ECM to extend and envelop matter linked to the generating core thus permitting melee combat, with a speed penalty due to the energy and processing power required to warp and manipulate the energy field (without the modification, attempting to melee through the barrier could result in the loss of a weapon or even a limb when seeking to pull back through).

An explanation should be given for the Electromagnetic Interdictor Phase-Shift Barrier known as "Blessing of Protection," which draws its power from the magnetic fields generated by the Azerothian planet core. The EI barrier is able to halt physical attacks by gravitationally counteracting mass-based weapons as they attempt to penetrate the field. It is unable to stop energy-based attacks that ignore the influence of separted polarities. Because its inner-workings depend on external forces, it is vulnerable to disruption and removal.

With the impending arrival of the Naaru (an advanced race much more in tune with the energies and technology that allows for such abilities as the EC/ECM), the Church has commissioned the research and development of an Electroluminescent Chronosynchronous Dynamoreflective Phase-shift Barrier. The ECD Mk III would not only provide the benefits of "Immunity" to energy and physical-based attacks, but allow full-speed melee from within, as well as reflecting energy-based attacks back on the assailant(s).

UPDATE: Something Mastgrr left out of the "cool improvements" that I noticed on the test realm - Blizzard added a "keyless selfcast" option to the UI. You will still be able to bind a key to enable self-casting if that's your mojo, but now you can set it to automatically cast beneficial spells (heals, blessings, etc.) on yourself by default unless a different friendly player/npc is targeted. This is something I, personally, have been waiting for over many moons. Until now, I've had to rely first on a separate addon, and then the CT Mod built-in selfcast.


Blogger Mastgrr said...


7:49 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

Too much time on your hands.....

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Vaelin said...

It's patch day, I'm off from work, and my realm is taking even longer thanks to a long overdue hardware upgrade. You're damn right, too much time on my hands.

9:24 PM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Medivh got up. Had cross-server BGs (over 100 WSGs for example). Then it had a server restart and the cross-server battlegrounds were turned off. Have to wait now two more hours before they put it back on, appearantly.

11:44 PM  
Anonymous kyosei said...

Wow 100...my server had like 50 WSG, 28 AB and 12 AV. But it crashed like 30 mins or so later.

9:23 AM  

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