12 August, 2006

Paladins are pink

Eyonix regarding class color in the raid menu:
The World of Warcraft community can rest assured that the Paladins will be allowed to keep their pink. We've not decided upon the new Shaman color at this time, but we do know that it will not be...pink


Anonymous Nonnobis said...

LOTS of news regarding BC released today. I dont' even PvP and this made my mouth water:

"Last but by no stretch least, world PvP is being worked into Burning Crusade in a very big way. Each of the seven new zones will have a persistent PvP objective designed into it. Think of it as an extension of what's being introduced in patch 1.12, only on a much larger scale. One example is a new zone called Nagrand. Smack in the center of it is a neutral town that can be captured by either faction. Whoever holds it will have access to a whole mess of amenities, including active quest givers, NPCs who accept turn-ins acquired from the zone's monsters, vendors, trainers and the like. The opposing faction, naturally, is locked out of all this, which is precisely why they will be laying siege to it around the clock. If you get enough of your people near the flag at the town center, you'll slowly start to win control. Problem is, opposing players and NPCs will be constantly wailing on you."

From http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/world-of-warcraft-expansion/725327p1.html

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