11 September, 2005

Questions and answers about the blog

Do you really think the Paladin sucks? Why is this blog called PaladinSucks.com?

It's really just named that way to provoke and catch eyesight -- to break way through the internet media noise. When I criticize the class because I love it and want the best for it, not because I hate it. Love is about taking the good with the bad and being honest at all times, which includes admitting shortfalls.

I still play the class every day.

What was the initial the purpose of this blog?

To initiate and take part of the Blizzard media infrastructure with the Paladin in mind. Instead of sitting and complaining in forums, I thought it was time to do something.

I've been more and more distancing away from my original goal of strictly writing about a single class because I find it to be more enjoyable to write about anything that has to do with World of Warcraft. It was tough to limit yourself to only one subject. Progression is something that's natural, and it's best not to fight it. However, this blog still is written from the perspective of being pro-Paladin, however.

Why aren't you posting about other stuff, such as the new desktop wallpapers just released?

If it's not newsworthy, it's not worthy anyones time. I'm not going to mirror everything that Blizzard post on their Community website. That'd be useless. I consider this blog to be a compliment of big and established World of Warcraft websites more than anything else, really. You get the press releases on their website, you get what's between the lines here.

How experienced are you with the class?

That's very subjective. I'd consider myself to be more knowledgeable than skilled.

Who are you?

I'm a student that live in both Europe and the United States, though I'm currently in Sweden at the moment. Going back to the US to live there permanently in December.

Edit: I live in Phoenix, Arizona now. Where's my shotgun?

I've been a huge Blizzard fan most of my life, which all started with Warcraft 2. I have a Blizzard shrine in my bookshelf where I keep all the copies of the games and memorabilia. I own at least two copies of every Blizzard game.

I've been loosely monitoring the Blizzard community ever since I got internet around the time of Warcraft 2. I owned a registered copy of Kali. That should say something.

Any more questions should be emailed to me.


Anonymous Sciar said...

People all complain nowadays about "I'm a 1337 blizzard fan and this is how the lore goes"

More people should link back to Warcraft I
Such an awesome game

6:06 PM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Warcraft 1 is awesome. It's a ton of fun multiplayer. It's tough though when your goldmine runs out and you realize you can't expand because you can only build one townhall :)

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lost Vikings! How can you guys not play that game if your a uber bliz fan?!

8:34 PM  

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