12 September, 2005

"Best build ever"

I've been seeing this one posted around quite a bit, often accompanied with someone bragging that this is the build he had to become "Grand Marshal".

It's just the most worthless, most crappy distribution of talent points you can have as a Paladin. I don't think you can try harder to make a worthless build. It makes me laugh out loud in real life, because it's just so darn funny.


Anonymous Vaelin said...

Wow. That's got to be the crappiest possible combination of talents I've ever seen. There's no Divine Favor, no Illumination, no SoC. Who puts points into Improved Seal of the Crusader? Nobody but an idiot after it was nerfed. About the only positive thing I see is improved Blessing of Freedoom. Big deal, since it can be purged.

7:41 PM  

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