12 August, 2005

Updates, monthly celebration and grudges

This blog celebrated one month yesterday. That's like, infant age in internet time. Let's hope this upcoming month is more interesting, with Hammer of Wrath and 1.7 and all...

Old news since it's four days old, but Caydiem says Druids have a bigger priority than Paladins. I hold no grudge. I'm just happy to see that we're on the schedule.

Interestingly enough, I noticed that the Uther's Hammer thread is now gone (broken link). It's still available at the European Paladin forum, thank god. I've saved it now for safe keeping.

Also, one thing that's been driving me nuts just thinking about it is the use of the words "refinement and polish" from the latest developer response.
The designers - already aware of the majority of concerns presented, agreed that several aspects of the class were in need of refinement and polish.
I just hate that they're wording their response to downplay things. It sends the signal that they're promising little to nothing, which in turn leaves us unsatisfied. If Blizzard can't admit how significant these problems are, how can we be happy with their response? Refinement and polishing is something you do to a Porsche before an automobile convention. What we need are under-the-hood redesigns.


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