27 June, 2007

Many of You Probably Saw This Coming

Thanks for the good times guys.

19 June, 2007


Some times Blizzard just does right thing. The attunement quests and requirements were a really large part of guild stress. Removing these requirements are an excellent idea.

08 June, 2007

Not enough Hybrid from a Hybrid

Valandur emails me and says (this is slightly stripped down):
I have never wanted to be a pure tank or a pure healer. I figured that since a pure retribution build had little utility for raids, I would be a hybrid.

...I went to the Armory and looked for upgrades to my current mix of greens and blues. There is NOTHING that has more +spell damage than what I am currently wearing. Which means not only am I useless on raids, but there is no chance of a reward that will make me more effective in a hybrid role in raids. Blizzard has only created gear that will benefit a healadin, a tankadin or a ret pally that is only concerned with white damage.
This is why I loved Judgement so much. But now in today's game it is rather impossible.

05 June, 2007

Nihilum vs DnT

I find these EU vs US threads funny and interesting on a geopolitical level.

Edit: Grats to Nihilum in Illidan.